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Written Translation$4thousand characters1
Proof-reading$0.5thousand characters1
Letter ForwardTranslation2 + $23letter
Telephone Calls5$0.50minute
Other Services & DiscountsPlease Contact Us
1 Spaces are treated as characters
2 $4 per thousand characters
3 If snail mail is used; e-mail forward is free
4 In-Person services are Plus Expenses
5 Customer must set up conference call

Written Translation

Translation of texts from English into Russian and from Russian into English: the translation cost is calculated based on the target (translated) text volume. To automate the estimation, the Statistics function in MS Word is used. One thousand characters of a translated text including spaces costs $4. A minimal order is $10.

Text Requirements

We accept documents for translation in any electronic form: plain text, MS Office documents, Adobe Acrobat, CorelDraw, AutoCAD and other files. For your and our convenience (to make text processing handier) we recommend that you submit the original text as a TXT file (if plain text) or an RTF one (formatted text). It is also possible to translate printed documents. Instructions on how to send them to our translators are available upon request.

Translation of Correspondence

Correspondence translation and e-mail forwarding: if your correspondent cannot write and read in English, we can translate your mail and forward it to your correspondent. If your correspondent does not have an e-mail address, it is possible to forward your translated letters using registered mail. In this case, $2 is added per mail expenses. Alternatively, we can set up an e-mail account for your correspondent and give him or her instructions on using it from an Internet club. It is also possible to read your letters on the phone and receive responses in this way too.

This service is ideal for men who are engaged in romantic correspondence with Russian ladies but are not happy with the English or rates of the dating agency that their lady uses, or suspect that something else is wrong with the agency; or realize that using translating software will eventually lead to misunderstanding. If you choose us, you can be perfectly sure that you will read exactly what your fiancée actually writes (if we can contact her directly) and any requests come from the lady rather than the agency. As our job is translation, we will never thrust unwanted services on you if you decide to visit. And, you will not have to worry that the details of your correspondence will ever be used in any way. We are professional translators and all we do is translate.


Our agency offers services of escort by Russian interpreters at exhibitions, talks, during business trips and private visits, etc. Consecutive translation services are rendered where they are needed (Russia, Ukraine, Europe, etc.), and information on the availability of our interpreters in your town is available upon request. Currently we have interpreters available in Moscow, Kiev, Odessa and other towns.

If you are going to meet your potential business partners and explore the local market, to have a date with your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend or just spend your vacation seeing the sights of Kiev, Odessa and other famous Ukrainian or Russian cities, we will be there for you interpreting every word. You will not even feel that there is someone in-between translating you.

Our interpreters are friendly and smart, and you can get more assistance than just translation; just ask.

The cost of translation depends on the package. You can pay per hour or per day regardless of work volume (if the length of the job exceeds 12 hours, the overtime payment is subject to a special agreement). The minimal payment depends on the work location. Overheads such as accommodation, fares and food are born by the customer. If going abroad is involved, the customer also pays the tickets and other related costs.

Rates depend on the subject and location. If the length of the job exceeds five days in succession and you pay in advance, you may negotiate a discount. Please contact us for a quote.

Telephone Interpretation

Telephone calls translation (if the customer can set up a three-way conference call): the call cost is calculated per minute, US¢50 (fifty US cents) a minute. The minimal charge for interpretation is per thirty minutes.


We can estimate your document and give you our quote as soon as possible, which will include the terms and cost of your order.

Sample Translation

If necessary, we can do a sample translation of a part of your text to substantiate our translators competence (shorter than 1,000 characters; please note that in order to do this, we need the entire document, and the part for the sample translation is chosen arbitrarily by our translators).


If you wish to use our service, we will set up an account for you. After you deposit a sum, you can use our service until you run out of funds in the account.

We accept cash (eurous or another currency), Checks, Contact, Western Union, Moneygram, bank, or WebMoney transfers.

Please contact us for details.

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